DIAGNOSE compliance monitoring

Close compliance gaps in your adtech and martech stack

Global regulatory scrutiny of cookies and trackers is rising. Do you know if your house is in order?

DIAGNOSE uncovers the privacy vulnerabilities of vendors lurking on your O&O properties and arms you with the information you need to fix them.



Automate your vendor assessments

Gain visibility into vendor behavior on your websites so you can confidently and easily make updates to your tech stack and consent strategy. Identify and fix privacy issues with all vendors—seen and unseen. Inform your CMP strategy. Count on ongoing privacy protection.

Understand the privacy risk of your vendors


See granular details about each vendor’s on-page behavior and view recommendations about how to fix each issue.



Leverage vendor compliance insights to monitor and optimize your CMP


DIAGNOSE data empowers you to prioritize vendors by their privacy risk and prevalence, populate cookie disclosures, review changes, and apply updates to your CMP.

Keep track of your compliance journey


See your compliance progress over time compared to benchmarks. Or track the absolute evolution of your vulnerabilities over time across selected compliance metrics.



Maintain a visual audit trail


Be confident in your ability to prove out remediation with a repository of all data processing instances and permissions, by vendor and purpose. Plus, automated daily screenshots of your CMP interface and user actions.


Vendors not on vendor list

Gain a comprehensive view of vendors observed operating on your properties that are not on your CMP’s vendor list.

Vendors triggering prior to consent

Uncover non-disclosed vendors observed operating on your properties prior to collecting user consent.

Vendors on vendor list

See how you compare in terms of how frequently vendors on your vendor list are observed on benchmark properties.

Cookies with long lifespans

Understand who’s dropping cookies with long lifespans on your properties and their information storage & access methods.

Fingerprinting (new)

Know which vendors observed on your properties are acquiring information on the user that could be used for fingerprinting.

Data leaving EEA (new)

Identify vendors observed on your properties that have servers located outside of the EEA.


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