Privacy Lens

Privacy measurement and analytics for digital advertising

Quality privacy experiences build consumer trust, improve brand loyalty, and improve purchase intent.

Outstanding media sellers should be compensated accordingly.

With Privacy Lens, we’re helping advertisers and publishers benefit from a shared commitment to consumer privacy.

Our proprietary scanning technology allows media buyers to see how their media inventory suppliers approach data privacy. Media sellers can see how buyers are looking at their inventory, so they can optimize their privacy experiences and drive incremental revenue.

Together, we can set a new standard for privacy.



  • Rules based on your privacy strategy and risk profile
    • Set unique parameters to measure degrees of compliance with global regulations and industry frameworks.
  • Check data ethics and digital citizenship at a glance
    • Scanning evaluates inventory sources for user-friendly opt-out workflows, the absence of opaque identifying techniques or data breach risks.
  • Privacy optimized ad spend means more revenue for publishers
    • Advertisers can target high-performing audiences who have consented to receive personalized advertising. Outstanding media sellers with a focus on privacy can take a bigger share of advertising dollars.
  • Visualize impact on inventory availability and revenue
    • Get a real-time view of how applying different rules would impact your media plan. Media sellers can view the most popular buying standards, and link impression data to understand the potential revenue impact.


Multi-market support

Our scanning technology leverages residential IP addresses across the globe to measure your inventory’s compliance with GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD and other regulations, along with industry frameworks like IAB TCF v2.1 and the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework.

Data ethics

Detect markers of data breach risk or questionable digital citizenship practices, such as consent string fraud, active fingerprinting or non-secure hashing of identifiers.

Unique parameters

Select from a dynamic rule set to create custom standards for different markets, campaigns, or brands.

Omnichannel quality

Ensure high-quality privacy experience across your digital touchpoints: web, app, and OTT.


Revenue optimization

Understand buyer requirements for privacy experience and visualize the revenue impact of your privacy configurations.

Best practices

Leverage Privacy Lens to understand the changing regulatory landscape and how the ecosystem is responding.

Drive additional demand

Be rewarded for having a strong relationship with your audience.

Automated auditing

Flag compliance gaps on your properties with scanning that interacts with key components such as CMP buttons, user logins, CCPA opt-outs.


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