A holistic approach to CCPA/CPRA compliance

Our DIALOGUE platform was designed to adapt to your organization’s needs in a changing regulatory environment. Our Services team is here to assist with best practices every step of the way. The Sourcepoint solution supports CCPA/CPRA compliance as well as GDPR, and easily expands to support other regional privacy regulations.


Modeled after GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides California residents with several essential privacy rights. Effective January 1, 2020, it provides consumers with the right to:

  • know what personal information is being collected about them
  • whether it’s being sold or disclosed and to whom
  • to request companies not sell it
  • to access it (via Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR);
  • and to receive equal service and price regardless of their decision to opt-out.

The California Privacy Rights Act, the CPRA, enters into force in January 2023, but will have a “look back” until January 2022. In addition to establishing the California Privacy Protection Agency, to audit and enforce privacy regulations, CPRA also provides consumers with additional rights, including the right to:

  • opt out of the sharing of personal information
  • limit the use of sensitive personal information
  • request the deletion or correction of personal info


Developed to help you deliver personalized digital experiences that are consented and compliant.

  • Consumer first
    • Implement the first CMP that can connect consumer consent signals to identity to ensure a seamless, personalized experience across properties, browsers and devices.
  • Data-driven optimization
    • Rely on a data-driven solution with industry-leading reporting capabilities. Understand audiences with custom reports and A/B testing to optimize your compliance strategy accordingly.
  • Allow opt-out – and drive engagement
    • CCPA requires that consumers be able to easily submit a Do Not Sell (DNS) request from anywhere they consume your content. We enable an on-brand DNS message visible on all channels. Additionally, Sourcepoint’s DIALOGUE messaging capability allows companies to engage their consumers in a transparent exchange about ad-supported content and data consumption.
  • Manage and fulfill Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)
    • Implement our Engage module for a holistic view of the consumer with: automated omnichannel messaging, ticketing, audit logs, and more.


Robust reporting

View DNS and DSAR metrics and visualize performance for continuous optimization

Support for different compliance strategies

Activate multiple targeting dimensions, including geography, platform, key value pair data (DMP, site analytics, etc.), search and social referrers

User journey optimization

A/B test messaging scenarios to discover the optimal combination of text, UI, delivery method and call to action

Consumer consent history

Maintain an improved audit trail for compliance

Verification services

Verify consumer identity for DSARs with a leading global identity verification service

Cross-device compatibility

Sourcepoint’s platform supports desktop, mobile, in-app and OTT environments

Automated vendor compliance

Our page scanning feature monitors pages to add vendors to your list automatically

Campaign management at scale

Group properties and clone messaging scenarios to easily implement campaigns at different levels of consent

Access control

Proactively manage access rights across multiple properties and teams and view a detailed log for each user

Creative control

Our message builder allows you to customize styling, UI components and text with CSS and HTML

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