Creating compensation choice for publishers & consumers

A platform built for publishers, providing the data needed to make informed decisions about content compensation and offering consumers multiple options of paying for the content they love.


Ad Blocking


Publishers have relied on an implicit understanding that consumers paid for their content by consuming advertising. Ad Block usage has brought this issue to the forefront.

We enable publishers to address the root of the problem, and communicate with their users about compensation choice, establishing clear and transparent value exchange.

Consumers are largely unaware that advertising funds content they read on a daily basis.

Frustration with advertising practices that impede on user experience and create privacy concerns.

Wireless carrier and hardware blocking demonstrate increasing trend towards "Ad Block By Default".


Sourcepoint's Content
Compensation Platform

A comprehensive solution to a complex problem

There is no “silver bullet” to enable publishers to meet the needs of their users.  Our platform provides a complete set of tools that empowers publishers to tailor their content compensation solution to their specific needs.

With our enterprise-grade technology and world class service, we enable publishers to communicate with their users about compensation choice and establish a clear and transparent value exchange.



Understand User Preference

We provide publishers with measurement and detection technology to help accurately identify the size and scope of their ad block audience.

In addition to reporting on how this audience changes over time and across properties, geographies and devices, publishers can analyze which compensation strategies are most effective and optimize their offerings to best meet the needs of visitors.


Engage with Users

Our messaging product serves as the foundation for publishers to establish transparent value exchange with their audience. We supply publishers with a robust toolkit to deliver compelling, customized messages to start a conversation about compensation preference.  

These messages can be deployed with an accompanying “content lock” to require some form of alternate compensation in order to access content.  Our reporting enables publishers to understand the performance of Dialogue campaigns and ensure there is ongoing optimization that balances appropriate compensation with consumer preference.



Offer Users Compensation Options

We provide a range of compensation options for publishers to provide to their users. Users can opt-in to a traditional ad-supported experience or choose a customized ad experience, catered to their specific preferences across display, video and mobile.  This includes the ability to opt-in to an “Ad-Lite” or “Ad-Free” experience.

Publishers who have their own subscription packages can also deliver those subscription offerings to their users via the Sourcepoint platform.

ContentPass TM

Offer consumers cross-publisher subscription

Provide an additional compensation option to your audience by participating in Sourcepoint's multi-publisher subscription offering.

Contentpass is complimentary to your existing paywall or site subscription offering and enables your users to make an explicit monetary payment in return for accessing content across  a wide breadth of digital content across multiple publisher's sites.

Strategic Services

Leverage our expertise

The content compensation landscape is evolving rapidly.  Our Strategic Services offerings are designed to compliment our technology products and arm publishers with the knowledge and best practices to pick the right content compensation strategy.

Design & UX


Content Compensation
Strategy Audit

Strategic Account

Persistent Content Delivery

Reliably communicate & transact with your audience

To effectively deliver compensation options to consumers, publishers must be able to consistently and reliably deliver content and advertising to their visitors.  In addition to disrupting the delivery of advertisements, ad blocking tools interfere with other forms of user communication, including efforts to offer compensation choice.

Sourcepoint provides publishers with technology to consistently deliver content to its users.  This technology serves as the backbone for our "Dialogue" product and also powers a publisher's ability to offer their users a traditional ad-supported experience.

Create your content compensation roadmap

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