It’s a new world. Harness the power of customized messaging and optimization tools to keep up with a rapidly changing ecosystem.

How we’re doing it

At Sourcepoint, we’re working hard to establish consumer consent and choice as the new standards for all digital experiences

We enable compliance with global privacy regulations including ePrivacy, GDPR and CCPA

  • Sourcepoint Consent Management Platform
    • The premium, fully-customizable solution that can ensure a seamless, personalized experience across properties, browsers and devices
  • Consent Vault
    • The solution for data providers who need to maintain consent records that are quickly and easily accessible in real-time
  • Strategic Services
    • Let us be your strategic partners to identify gaps in your advertising processes and identify revenue opportunities

In cookie-challenged environments, our alternate monetization products offer consented choices to consumers about how they want to compensate publishers for content.

  • Ad Block Management
    • Detect ad block software users and message them about ad-supported content, or alternative compensation options
  • AltAd
    • Offer your audience an alternative video ad experience in exchange for content access during a given period of time
  • AltPay
    • Sourcepoint AltPay is the global, full-service solution for collecting micropayments from consumers for content access
  • Consent Optimization
    • The first and only solution working to enforce bidstream data privacy and provide enhanced partner management to the programmatic ecosystem


The content we produce, like test-driving cars and producing videos, costs a fortune. There needs to be a value exchange. With the help of Sourcepoint, we will have solid data to go on which will undoubtedly steer our strategy

Nick Flood

Deputy Managing Director, Digital at Dennis Publishing


Our support philosophy centers on delivering enterprise-grade technology with world-class service. Our global services team is here 24/7 to partner with you to deliver proactive, relationship-based support.


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