Consent Compensation

Restoring balance to the programmatic ecosystem

It’s time for consumer consent to become an integral part of the programmatic advertising ecosystem and for publishers to regain control of the media model.

That’s why we’re bringing bidstream data privacy and enhanced partner management to real-time bidding (RTB).

For the benefit of data sellers, data buyers – and consumers.



  • Be compliant with GDPR, CCPA and future regulations.
    • The Sourcepoint platform is built to adapt to your organization’s needs in a changing regulatory environment.
  • Ensure only compliant data providers have access to your audience for targeting and programmatic buying
    • Publishers have full control over the data providers they want to work with systematically.
  • Activate first-party data by increasing buyer confidence
    • Publishers can expose consent quality metrics for demand-side platforms so risk is reduced for audience-based buying.
  • Manage relationships with data providers by controlling access to your consent
    • Publishers have full control over which data providers are able to be used by marketers to target consented inventory.


Partner management

Publishers can decide which audience data providers will have access to influence buying via targeting on consented audience data.

Robust reporting

Metrics like bid density analysis and data provider revenue enable publishers, DSPs and data providers to transact smarter.

Yield modeling

Determine yield based on variables like floors, rate changes, new vendors, and more.

Consent Quality

Provide a consent score to assure data partners that they are accessing your data risk-free.

Pricing controls

Control which data providers can influence targeting on publishers’ audiences by toggling consent and setting pricing for specific data sellers.


An ecosystem in need of revitalization

Publishers have been working hard to build strong relationships with their audiences, but traditionally have seen little to no return on segment revenue. Meanwhile, consumers remain in the dark: a lack of transparency around RTB has meant that most consumers have no idea who’s collecting their data or where it might end up. It’s time to shine a light on this process.

The solution lies with consent

With our consent management platform (CMP), consumers have the ability to easily opt-in or out of sharing their data with third parties. Sourcepoint then syndicates the consent throughout the execution stream. Publishers can increase their revenue by receiving payment for the enrichment of their data – and data providers can be assured that the data they’re using was properly collected. With increased enforcement from regulators on the horizon, the entire programmatic revenue stream is at risk. Consent optimization and improved audience monetization is the most innovative way for publishers to maximize their revenue, and for data providers to ensure their data is fully consented and compliant. When we restore balance to the ecosystem, everyone wins.



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