Why Three’s Partnership with Shine Makes Publishers More Vulnerable than Ever

In February, Three announced an ad-blocking deal with Shine Technologies in the UK and Italy to “tackle excessive and irrelevant mobile ads”. The technology has not yet been rolled out across the Three network; but the announcement has been very well publicised, as the industry tries to understand what such a deal could mean for the future of digital mobile advertising. ExchangeWire speak with Ben Barokas (pictured below), co-founder and CEO, Sourcepoint, about how the technology will work, who pays for it, and how publishers can safeguard their content.

As publishers wait with baited breath for the rollout of Three’s deal with ad blocker Shine, they find themselves in a more vulnerable position than ever.

Going a step further than the ad-blocking apps now supported in Apple’s iOS9 and Android devices, this partnership brings blocking to mobile at a wireless carrier level. When added to the challenges already posed by desktop software, such as Adblock Plus, and a rise in ad blocking adoption amongst UK adults from 18% to 22%, concerns are mounting about the future of advertising – the very foundation of the digital publishing ecosystem that facilitates the production of high-quality content.

So, where exactly does the implementation of network-level blocking leave publishers? And what can they do about it?


Source: ExchangeWire

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