Sourcepoint CEO comments on The Guardian’s ad block messaging efforts

Sourcepoint CEO comments on The Guardian’s ad block messaging efforts

Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas examined The Guardian’s decision to publish an article encouraging readers to support the publication through monthly contributions that would help fund its “in-depth, thoughtful” reporting of recent Brexit news. The Guardian has also previously appealed to ad block users with messaging.

Barokas encouraged other publishers to follow The Guardian’s lead by proactively engaging with users about compensation preferences.

Source: The Drum


News sites evaluate options for circumventing ad block software

On the heels of the New York Times messaging experiment to ad block users in March, news sites are exploring similar tactics to address the growing rate of ad blocking.

In the article, Ben Barokas, CEO of Sourcepoint, discusses his own predictions regarding circumvention technology, and suggests that media groups should offer a range of ways to access content, including ad-free experiences, micropayments, and subscriptions.

Source: Financial Times


Reflecting on Cannes 2016: A holistic solution to ad blocking

In a column for Marketing Land, Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas reflects on the ad blocking discussions that took place at this year’s Cannes Lions festival.

Discussions centered largely on the need for improved advertising creatives, which Barokas says is just one part of a larger solution that involves a more transparent value exchange between consumers and digital publishers.

Source: Marketing Land


Indian publishers take stand against ad blockers

Ten leading websites in India, including The Times of India and Hindustan Times, began preventing readers who use ad blockers from accessing their content. The sites displayed messages to ad block users asking them to disable their ad blockers. These Indian publishers join the minority (only 4%) of large online publishers, including GQ, Wired, and Forbes, that have taken “visible action” to stop visitors from using ad blockers.

Source: Quartz India

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