Media Pitch: Sourcepoint Combats the Ad Blocking Problem by Reframing Content’s Value

Sourcepoint, the brainchild of former Google general manager Ben Barokas and his co-founders Brian Kane, Geir Magnusson, Jeroen Seghers, and Joseph Carlucci, was created to solve the issue of ad blocking for publishers. But the Sourcepoint CEO explained that he and his team soon realized that ad blocking was just a symptom of a much bigger problem — the breakdown of communication between publishers and readers about the value of content.

Sourcepoint aims to reestablish that line of communication by prompting ad block users before they view content to either opt-in to the ad experience or compensate the publisher in some other way. Barokas says that this is a critical step to create a dialogue between readers and publishers and reverse current perceptions of content’s value. Here Barokas explains how Sourcepoint was created and the future he envisions for content monetization.


Source: Publishing Executive

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