Financial Times announces findings from 30-day ad blocking experiment

The Financial Times announced that during a month-long experiment to combat the use of ad-blockers on its website, 40% of its readers whitelisted the site. joins a handful of other publications, including Forbes, Wired, The New York Times and Slate, that have launched campaigns asking readers to whitelist their sites. tested three kinds of messages targeting ad block users. The first was a banner at the bottom of the site emphasizing that journalism requires funding.The second message removed words from articles, replacing them with blank spaces, and asked users to turn off their ad blocker. The third message completely restricted access to the website and asked users to whitelist the site. The third message was the most effective, according to

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Source: Poynter

Ben Barokas
Ben is CEO of Sourcepoint, the first content compensation platform. Prior to Sourcepoint, Ben ran Google’s Global Marketplace Development team.
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