Sourcepoint CEO addresses Three’s partnership with Shine, potential risk for publishers

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Sourcepoint CEO talks implications of Three’s partnership with Shine

Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas spoke with ExchangeWire about network-level ad blocking and its impact on publishers. Barokas said that any short-term effect Three users may experience, such as faster bandwidth or reduced phone charges won’t compare to the long-term effects that may force many independent publishers out of business.

His comments come on the heels of a partnership announcement between British mobile-phone carrier Three and mobile ad blocker Shine, in which the two are collaborating on a technology to address intrusive mobile advertisements.

Source: ExchangeWire

Sourcepoint participates in ad blocking panel at Clean Ads IO event

Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas joined stakeholders from Google, mobile ad blocker Crystal, and Adblock Plus creator Eyeo in a discussion about ad blocking at AdExchanger’s Clean Ads IO event in New York.

The panel discussed Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads initiative, advertising standards, and the effect ad block adoption has on publishers.

Source: AdExchanger takes unique approach to ad blocking

In a recent experiment, began showing an advertisement to ad block users that invited them to  “break” with the click of a button. When users selected to “break”, advertisements fell off the page along with other visual elements of the site. A message followed that asks users to turn off their ad blockers and reminded them that is ad-supported.

While mentioned that their ad blocking rate was not yet at a critical level, they said they will push to make native advertising a larger part of the business over standard display ads.

Source: Digiday

Survey reveals ad-supported online services valued at $1,200 a year

U.S. Internet users assigned a combined value of $99.77 per month — $1,197.24 per year — to the ad-supported services and content currently available to them on desktop and mobile devices, according to a new survey.

Additionally, over 85% of respondents said they preferred an ad-supported Internet model rather than paying for online content, and 75% said they would reduce their online activities “a great deal” if they had to pay for those services and content.

The survey of 1,004 U.S. Internet users was conducted by Zogby Analytics in April 2016 and commissioned by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

Source: Digital Content Next

Incisive Media sees positive results after banning ad blockers

UK publisher Incisive Media has seen a 40% drop in ad blocked page impressions on its tech sites, The Inquirer and V3, after restricting access for users with ad blockers installed. The ban included a message to ad block users explaining why the site relies on advertising and asked the user to disable their ad blocker. The content behind the message was blurred so users couldn’t simply click through to the content without taking any action against their ad blocker.

Before the ban, which started in April, The Inquirer and V3 had ad block rates of 30% and 20%, respectively. The message  

Source: Digiday

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