Swedish publishers unite to fight ad blockers

Sourcepoint CEO advocates for ‘choice moments’ when dealing with ad block users

Ben Barokas, founder and CEO of Sourcepoint, addressed new developments around adblocking, while advocating for clear and transparent communication between publishers and consumers in a recent article for MediaPost.

Barokas cited research from the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau that shows over half of consumers don’t understand the link between free content and viewing advertising. Barokas placed responsibility on the publisher to re-educate the user, stating that it’s important to shift the “implicit relationship between advertising and free content” to an explicit relationship.


Source: MediaPost


Swedish publishers unite to fight ad blockers

Twenty Swedish publishers announced plans to collectively take action against ad blockers during the month of August. During the proposed experiment, people with ad blockers installed won’t be able to view content on these sites unless they disable their ad blocker. Publishers will also offer users the choice of paying small amounts to access content or viewing content at a lower quality. For example, video content will run at slower speeds and articles won’t be viewable in their entirety.

The IAB Sweden will announce the learnings after the experiment is complete.


Source: Digiday


French media joins Sweden in effort against ad blocking

Multiple French media sites have started requiring that users disable their ad blockers in order to access content, following in the footsteps of Swedish publishers that recently announced collective action against ad blocking. France has one of the highest instances of ad blocking, with nearly one-third of all French Internet users blocking ads, according to data released by Sourcepoint and comScore.

This effort is similar to the plan proposed by Swedish publishers in that ad block users would have options in how they want to compensate publishers for content, including micropayments, whitelisting, or accessing lower quality content when they visit the publishers’ sites.


The initiative was organized by Geste, a trade group that represents online publications and other services in France.


Source: Business Insider 

1 in 4 smartphone owners have downloaded ad blockers apps

Tune, a mobile marketing company, released results from a survey of nearly 4,000 people in the United States and Europe, which found that nearly 25% of smartphone owners have some kind of ad blocking app or Internet browser installed. Additionally, 21% of respondents said they weren’t sure if they’d installed an ad blocker.  

In the report, Tune projected that ad blocking could reach 80 percent adoption on mobile by the end of 2017.


Source: TechCrunch


Forbes reveals more ad blocking data at SXSW

At an ad blocking panel hosted by South by Southwest (SXSW), Forbes discussed the results of its adblock messaging experiment that began last December and revealed further ad blocking data obtained from a survey of its users in recent weeks.

According to the survey that Forbes introduced to 2% of its ad blocking audience, nearly 70% of users did not know how to whitelist a site. Additionally, 36% of respondents cited annoying ads as the main reason for using an ad blocker, followed by malware and privacy concerns with 19% and 17%, respectively.


Source: Forbes

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