Adblock Plus uninvited from IAB’s annual leadership conference

Publishers predict ad block rate will reach over 30% in next 3 years, study says 

Sourcepoint released results from a survey of 150 premium publishers about the impact of ad blocking on their business. Findings, which included feedback from publishers in the United States and Europe, revealed not only that 78% of publishers have already taken steps to measure their ad blocking rates, but that the majority are in favor of circumvention, on-site messaging, and content locking solutions to combat ad blocking.

Looking forward, the study also highlighted optimism about paid content models, with 76% of publishers expecting to  generate revenues from subscriptions in the future.

Source: PRNewswire


Adblock Plus uninvited from IAB’s annual leadership conference

Adblock Plus has confirmed its company was uninvited from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting in California next week. Adblock Plus registered and paid to attend, only to receive an email from an IAB representative earlier this month informing the company their registration was cancelled and fees refunded. The cancellation came as a shock to Adblock Plus, who attended the same conference last year.

Source: AdAge

Former Mozilla CEO launches ad blocking browser

Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, has launched a new startup and ad blocking browser called Brave. The browser blocks advertisements by default, including data collection technologies, and fills them with new programmatic advertising based on tags generated from the user’s browsing history.

Brave will share the revenue it generates with plans to offer publishers 55% of the revenues, and the remainder split among Brave itself, advertising partners delivering the creatives, and the end user. Brave is currently in beta and planning a public launch (on desktop and mobile) for later this year.

Source: Business Insider

Ad blockers capable of removing anti-adblock messaging

Publishers such as The Guardian, GQ, Forbes and others have tried to reduce the number of people blocking ads on their sites by asking readers to whitelist their sites. However, these messages run the risk of being placed on the “Adblock warning removal list”, which would result in the automatic removal of these messages. AdBlock Plus claims that the list is targeted only towards obtrusive messaging, although it remains to be seen how far ad blockers are willing to go to interrupt anti-adblock messaging.

Source: Digiday


How four publishers are messaging ad block users

As ad block adoption continues to rise, publishers are experimenting with various ways to engage ad block users. Simply asking these users to turn off their ad blocker has delivered positive results, according to GQ and Forbes, who reported that 30% and 42.4%, respectively, of users, when prompted, disabled ad blockers. Other publishers have experimented with ad-light experiences and clever messaging.

Source: Adexchanger

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